Student Wellness

Student Wellness Programs
Students at our buildings participate in the Penn State Pro Wellness Program.  The following programs are implemented throughout the year.
                 Walk at School Day
                 October 10, 2018
 Students walk with their teachers at a designated time during the day set by the building representative.
                   Apple Crunch Day
                  October 24th, 2018
Teachers are provided with apple-related games and activities and encourage students to bring in apples to model good nutritional habits.  Each school is free to different leveled activities.
                    Go for the Greens
                    March 13th, 2019
Teachers are provided with Go for the Greens Information to share with students.  Students can bring in green vegetables to celebrate this day.  The cafeteria staff will be promoting this day ALSO!



Healthy Nutrition for our Students

Please click below to get the breakfast and lunch menu's and also to check out the METZ Nutrition Group's Web-site for more information.

  Get Fit, Stay Fit!

Keep your kids healthy and active by joining a Northern Lebanon team or program.  Check out some option below!